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What Makes Us Different

We are not a subdivision of a larger, non-HR related  firm (such as accounting/payroll, information systems, evaluation and business services) , looking to sell you products and services through their "HR Consulting" pipeline.

Your company's most important asset, people, are a costly and labor intensive investment. Such investment  requires good HR planning and day to day management,  proactive attention to costs and measurable return on investment. Using HR Consult as your HR department  permits you  to focus on business growth confident your company will perform better through more efficient and adaptable employees.

Most firms advise, suggest and recommend with your staff still having to manage internally. We can provide customized day-to-day HR management services, tailored to your specific business, that far exceed those offered by a specialized consultant or a co-employment/leasing relationship (PEO).

What We Believe
HR Consult believes that human resources management practices must result in cost savings, increased profitability and productivity for our clients. We believe that human capital management professionals should be business people first and HR experts second. We believe application of HR best practices in the real world must demonstrate tangible return on investment. We can manage and assist you in all aspects of human capital management, regardless of your firm's size. From complete function development and management using our HR Advantage Plus SM program, or use of an onsite professional through our HR Pro SM program, to basic employment and counseling systems like HR Advantage SM, HR Consult is your affordable solution!  
From recruiting to employment termination, HR Consult truly believes that we can provide you with robust internal HR management support, regardless of your company's size. If your company is small, why burden existing staff with critical internal HR duties such as recruiting, interviewing, injury management, grievances, compensation management, training and a host of other areas, when HR Consult can perform the actual work for you? If your current HR function is understaffed, overworked and stressed, why not use HR Consult's very reasonably priced assistance? Working with us will work to your advantage.

What We Do

We Provide Totally Integrated Affordable HR Services
Not every company can afford a human resources department or full-time HR manager to assist with ensuring a successful company has people working towards common goals, objectives and strategies. Your HR Consult management team will manage all your HR needs, including policy and procedure development, employee relations, compensation and performance systems, unemployment, workers comp and discrimination issues, training and employee/management development and a host of other HR functions. We can perform these services on a completely transparent basis as your company's HR department for less cost than an internally established function. This means you can focus on your core business while significantly reducing your labor costs related to internal HR management expenses.  

We Provide Affordable Support for Existing HR Staff  
Our experience shows that many companies fail to address HR management requirements too late, after impact of a people crisis and/or potential economic loss. Before a company has grown to mid-size within an industry, they should have already incorporated human resources into strategic planning and day to day business operations.  This failure results in unnecessary and counter productive stress for your organization and those responsible for HR. HR Consult can work with your existing HR staff to develop a more effective in-house human resources department with proactive attention to critical people issues brought on by growth. Rather than adding additional HR overhead to address problems that have or will occur, HR Consult can provide your key HR individual(s) additional staff expertise otherwise unaffordable internally. This permits your existing HR staff to perform more efficiently with less stress, knowing they have the staff resources, when needed.

Complete People Management Support:
Affordable, comprehensive, creative internal and outsourced human resource support
Practical, integrated human resource solutions that support business objectives  
Extensive staff experience in actual hands-on management of human capital
Stand alone and/or transparent HR support for all size businesses
Administrative and professional support services far exceeding employee leasing services  
Complete HR function development and management
Cost effective internal support for existing HR departments
Obtaining affordable benefit/insurance coverage
Day-to-day company management assistance and support  
Employee Relations support resulting in high retention\productivity\profitability

The success of your business depends on the performance of your people. Therefore,
an effective human resources program is one of your company's most important investments.
HR Consult's People Consulting Solutions can help ensure your employees are performing at
their best.

HR Consult's Human Resources Solutions professionals can help you maximize your company's efficiency and create a positive and productive culture for all employees by:

Acting as your in-house HR manager - working with you to develop policies and procedures, employee relations and training programs along with;

Supporting your existing HR department in offering competitive, professional and cost effective services to all employees;

Helping day to day in application, execution and administration of HR programs and systems

Regardless of your size, HR Consult can assist you with all your HR challenges. Our HR Consult professionals, averaging over 20 years experience each, have a proven track records in providing human resources services in: health care, retail, franchising, automotive, financial, personal and professional services, technology, legal, manufacturing, broadcasting, fast  food and a host of other industries.
Our combined experience results in extremely fast team response to critical problems with customized solutions that  fit your corporate culture.  A minimum HR Consult team of two experienced professionals results in getting your HR objectives accomplished in a very short time frame, resulting in lower costs with no loss of quality. Having established numerous HR functions across a wide range of industries, we possess the expertise and systems to deliver superb support to you at a very reasonable cost. Whether you are an overburdened in-house HR professional, a top executive finding too much of your time is being spent handling people issues or a small business owner that would like affordable HR assistance, HR Consult can help.

For more information on our Human Resource Support Services  or to schedule a free, no obligation consultation please contact us.

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