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Associate & Labor Relations
Are your associates your best recruiters? Are they proud of your firm? Achieving and maintaining positive work relations with your associates is key to continued productivity and quality. Whether your firm is unionized or not, HR Consult is adept at assisting you in achieving these goals.  We're  experienced across a wide range of businesses and offer a full range of associate relation services. We also possess the practical operational experience to ensure your programs are effective!  Our  complete, in-depth analysis   of your workforce can result in critical  pro-active improvement in turnover rates and productivity, preventing harmful employee realtions issues.


Employee Suggestion Systems
Employee Assistance Programs
Recognition and Achievement Awards
Work Teams
Diversity Programs
Associate Surveys
Job Design and Redesign
Participative Management Training
Alternative Work Schedules
Outplacement Assistance
Exit Interviews
Nonunion Complaint Resolution Programs

Maintaining Nonunion Status

Union Avoidance Programs and Strategies
Union Decertification Assistance

Employee Union Representation

Scope of the Labor Management Relations (Taft-Hartley) Act (1947)
Achieving Representative Status
Petitioning for an NLRB Election
Election Campaign
Union Security

Employer Unfair Labor Practices

Procedures for Processing Charges of Unfair Labor Practices
Interference, Restraint, and Coercion
Domination and Unlawful Support of Labor Organization
Employee Discrimination to Discourage Union Membership

Union Unfair Labor Practices, Strikes, and Boycotts

Responsibility for Acts of Union Agents
Union Restraint or Coercion
Duty of Fair Representation
Inducing Unlawful Discrimination by Employer
Excessive or Discriminatory Membership Fees
Strikes and Secondary Boycotts
Strike Preparation

Collecting Bargaining

Labor Negotiation and Strike Support
Bargaining Issues and Concepts
Negotiation Strategies
Good Faith Requirements
Notice Requirements
Unilateral Changes in Terms of Employment
Duty to Successor Employers or Unions: Buyouts, Mergers, or Bankruptcy
Enforcement Provisions
Meditation and Conciliation
National Emergency Strikes

Managing Organization-Union Relations

Building and Maintaining Union-Organization Relationships: Cooperative Programs
Grievance Processes and Response Procedures  
Dispute Resolution

Public Sector Labor Relations

Right to Organize
Federal Labor Relations Council
Limitations on Strikes
Mediation and Conciliation


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