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Benefits Management
Benefit programs can be expensive.  Premiums can be affected by utilization.  Critical to recruiting and retention.  Associates may not even be aware of the substantial benefits your firm provides them or the true cost of providing them!  HR Consult has the expertise to audit, design, implement and manage complete benefit programs and control costs while increasing associate awareness of, and appreciation for, their benefits package   We keep informed regarding local, regional and national benefit trends to ensure you remain competitive with other firms. Regardless of company size, HR Consult can structure and recommend a new benefit package that's right for your firm or restructure your existing package for maximum impact.  Contact us today for a no obligation review!

Benefit Program Design and Implementation
Benefits Budgeting, Cost Management and Plan Management
Third Party Benefits Administration
Utilization Reviews
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Benefit Coordination with PlanTrustees, Insurers, Health Service Providers and Third-Party Administrators
ERISA Compliance
Paid Time Off Program Development
Benefits Communication Programs
Benefit Software
Employee Ownership/ESOPs
FASB and IRS Regulation Related to Benefits
Benefits Strategies and Policies
Employee Benefit Programs:
Paid Time Off Programs
Legally Required Programs/Payments
Income Replacement
Insurance and Income Protection
Deferred Pay
Pay for Time Not Worked
Unpaid Leave
Flexible Benefit Plans
Employee Need/Preference Assessment: Surveys
Administrative Systems
Funding/ Investment Responsibilities
Benefit Program Communications
Benefits Legal Compliance Programs


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