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Compensation Management
To attract, retain and motivate top talent, a competitive compensation program tied to measurable performance standards is critical. HR Consult can assist you in the development and implementation of competitive compensation programs that keeps and attracts the best and achieves your organizations objectives! We constantly analyze local, regional and national compensation trends and stay abreast of compensation issues.  Regardless of company size, HR Consult can help!  

Measurable and Quantitative Job Descriptions
Performance Evaluation Systems
Validated Job Evaluation Systems
Hourly, Administrative and Managerial Compensation
Executive Compensation
Compensation Program Design and Implementation
Compensation Program Training and Communication
Bonus and Incentive Systems
Compensation Strategy, Budgeting and Cost Management
Internal and External Compensation Analysis  
Compensation Control Programs
Job Design
Job Pricing
Wage and Salary Surveys
Performance Management Systems
Employee Ownership/ESOPs
FASB and IRS Regulations Affecting Compensation


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