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HR Needs Checklist
Every business is concerned with people and their ability to produce effectively.  HR Consult can audit a portion or all of your current people practices, provide a detailed written analysis, answer the following questions and more and provide a step-by-step plan to correct, develop and implement effective systems.  Let us perform an audit for you!

Cost Control Issues
Is your Unemployment Tax greater than 1 - 2%?
Is your Workers Compensation Modification rate greater than 1.0?
Do you really know what your turnover costing your company?   
Are benefits costs out of hand? Are you truly controlling them through every possible means?    
Do your associates know the true costs of your benefits program? Are they helping you to control costs?

People Issues
Are you the #1 employer of choice?
Are your current employees satisfied with your firm and it's practices? Do they recruit for you?
Are you finding it expensive recruit to competent people?
Is your workforce diverse?
Does management effectively lead, develop and manage your human capital?
Do you plan for and cost effectively execute your manpower plan?
Have you really addressed succession planning effectively?
Do you wish to operate without a union? Prevent one?

Strategic Issues
Does the individual charged with HR responsibilities directly report to the CEO?
Do you, your executive staff and line management see management of human capital as a critical strategic and organizational function?  Is it performing today in that capacity?

Have you currently have or have had a sexual, workplace or discrimination complaint filed against you?  
Are you prepared to cost effectively defend yourself using internal HR expertise?
Are you in compliance with Public Law 88-352, Title VII section 709(c)?
Do you need to comply with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
Are you in compliance with your state laws regarding medical leave?
Are you in compliance with COBRA? IRCA? ADEA?
Are your I-9's completed and filed correctly?
Do you correctly address any physical or mental conditions that may affect an applicant's ability to perform a job?
Is your drug and alcohol program compliant?
Are you truly proactive in and prepared to defend your practices in:                    
Equal Employment Opportunity?                             
Sexual/Racial/Religious Harassment?                        
Counseling Documentation and Termination?
Wage and Hour?
Occupational Safety and Health?
Worker's Compensation and Return to Work Issues?
American's With Disabilities Act Issues?
Policy and Procedure Application?                       

Policies and Procedures
Associate/Labor Relations                                  
Safety and Health                                        
HR Administrative Practices                
Counseling and Termination                                  
Training and Development                                   
HR Information System(s)         

Are your people policies in the above areas up-to-date?
Do they truly reflect what you actually do?
Is management adhering to your policies and procedures?
Is your handbook correct, does it truly reflect (in abbreviated form) your written policies and procedures?
Does every employee have a current handbook? Do you have proof?       


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