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Complaint Investigations
HR Consult works with you to ensure that associate complaints and HR practices don't result in formal fillings or litigation.  However, should a complaint or charge be filed, HR Consult can assist in or independently conduct compliant investigations, prepare detailed written reports, and formally respond on your behalf. Working with counsel, who conducts a final work product review prior to formal response submission, HR Consult can significantly reduce legal expenses normally incurred by counsel during the investigation, information gathering and response preparation.  Having successfully responded to hundreds of EEOC, OSHA, workers compensation and unemployment  complaints, HR Consult is well qualified to assist you. We also provide expert witness and impact analysis services in the event of after litigation, working closely with counsel. Contact us

Complaint Services

EEOC Charge Investigation and Response
Response to EEOC Interrogatories and Document Requests
Workers' Compensation Appeals Assistance
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Complaints
Unemployment Compensation Claim Protests, Appeal Preparation and Hearing Attendance
Harassment Investigations (Sexual, Religious, Hostile Work Environment ect.)
OSHA Inspection Assistance
OSHA Complaint Response and Appeals
Associate Ombudsman Services


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