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Why HR Consult?
Human Resources Capital Management is all we do.  We're experts.  We run circles around larger consulting and business management firms that offer HR services through overpriced representatives lacking extensive multi-industry and day-to-day HR management experience. Each of our generalists have established at least 1 complete HR function from the ground up along with having successfully managed at least 2 additional established functions. They're equipped with the latest knowledge, tools and methods.

Our expertise has resulted in our ability to quickly and efficiently solve people issues through practical, proven, field tested systems and daily management support, including integrating the HR function for maximum efficiency and cost savings.


HR Consult professionals have many years of experience in HR function development and management as well as improving existing HR programs in a broad range of businesses. This experienced approach also ensures that each dollar you spend in each HR area will result in cost effective returns.  


HR Consult provides expert human capital management support at less cost. Because our professionals average 15 plus years of hands-on experience in the application of cost effective human resource management in small, mid-sized and large organizations, we have already achieved practical economies of scale in HR development, implementation and management. This permits us to achieve a client's goals in very short time frames.  Why have your internal staff spend considerable time and money on HR administration, policy/procedure development, recruiting and a host of other HR management areas, when their time can be better spent in assisting your firm in maximizing productivity though, for example, intensive associate relations programs?  


Our unique approach and client access to Internet based HR software provides information management technology that permits many HR administrative functions to be managed remotely, thereby reducing critical overhead costs and internal staff time.  We have also organized and systematized HR administrative practices and documentation, permitting rapid development and implementation specific to a client's needs.
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Service Integration

Why deal with and manage a host of vendors offering non-integrated stand-alone services such as medical insurance, information systems, training programs and safety programs when they can be analyzed, implemented and managed by an experienced professional?
HR Consult can analyze, recommend, implement and manage affordable, integrated services that include benefits, safety, work comp, training and data management, as well as payroll and compliance services.

Return On Investment

HR Consult's approach is ensuring that every dollar invested in human capital must have a measurable return. We're fast, accurate, affordable and we exceed expectations. Whether it be recruiting, retention, compensation, benefits, training, organizational design and development, employee relations, compliance or any function related to human capital, our staff professionals have the knowledge and practical experience to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.  We provide tailored HR solutions that work. And we don't walk away either. We provide ongoing support during and after assignments.   

We can function as your complete HR department or in support of existing overburdened staff.  Either way, our services will continue to contribute to business profitability long after assignment completion.   

Inadequate or improper management of human capital can result in tremendous loss. HR Consult is a proactive expert in controlling losses, be it workers compensation, unemployment, benefits or a host of other potential losses. Consider:

A 2000% increase in employment litigation since 1995*
$50,000 per case in litigation costs*
7,000 federal code sections, 40,000+ pages of employment regulations*
1000's of state and local regulations*  
$200,000 per case average damage award   (Kiplinger Letter)
60% to 80% of an employer's time is spent on nonproductive, profit losing administration. (Forrester Research, Inc.\ProEmp Journal Report)
7,210 to $36,200 per employee in annual turnover costs (Department of Labor and HRO Surveys)
Increased EEOC, NLRB and Civil Rights labor audits and investigations. (Wall Street Journal)
*Small Business Administration

Why HR Consult?  Why not?


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