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HR Management & Operations  
Effective administration and management of human capital in today's competitive environment is critical.  HR Consult developed and implemented complete human resource departments across a wide range of businesses.  We have also assisted organizations in restructuring existing HR functions to maximize effectiveness, without loss of human capital.  We have the experience and expertise to assist you in building a world class organization through your most important capital asset, people. Whether managing the complete function for you or assisting your existing staff on a project basis. HR Consult can supply expertise in:

HR Management

Advice and Counsel Regarding HR Management and Operations
Complete Function Development and Implementation
General HR Consultation
Change Agent Assistance
HR Function Reengineering (Content & Process)
Strategic Planning
HR Generalist and HR Specialist Expertise
HR Policies and Procedure Development
Employee Handbooks
Turnover and Management Practices Analysis
Complaint\Problem Resolution Programs
Counseling and Termination Procedures
Exit Interviewing

HR Planning

HR Audits
Pre & Post Merger and Acquisition Support
HR Structure Analysis and Recommendations
Human Resource Inventories
Human Resource Information Systems
Action Plans and Programs
Evaluation of Human Resource Planning

HR Budgeting, Control and Measurement

HR Budgeting Processes
HR Control Processes
Evaluating HR Effectiveness

HR Research

Research Design and Methodology
Quantitative Analysis and Research

International HR Management

Cultural Diversity Issues
Legal Aspects of International HR
Expatriation and Repatriation
Multinational Corporation HR Issues
Compensation and Benefits for Foreign Nationals and Expatriates
International Business HR Practices

HR and Business Ethics

Ethical Issues
Establishing Ethical Behavior.


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