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HR ProTalkSM

 The Right Answer, Right Away, 24 Hours A Day®

HR Pro-TalkSM is the answer to obtaining immediate expert advice, counsel and direction regarding the vexing management, administrative and regulatory problems related day-to-day people management.  It's having a proven HR professional on-staff without the added cost! Why pay high attorney fees for truly non-legal human resource advice?  Our experienced professional staff possesses the depth and breath of experience to provide you correct information, guidance and practical direction that can be applied immediately.

How can we do this? Because your HR Pro-TalkSM professional has extensive HR hands-on operations experience (15+ years) in answering the question or resolving the problem you face.  In the unlikely event a firm answer cannot be obtained at the time of your call, we guarantee an answer within 24 hours!  As HR issues become more complex, we believe that providing our clients with timely, affordable advice will prevent costly mistakes, reduce stress and permit increased concentration on other critical business functions.

Whether your concern is related to employment, benefits, compensation, safety, counseling or a host of other people related issues, your HR Pro-TalkSM professional is just a phone call or chat away.  Our HR Pro-TalkSM Program has been so effective it's also included in our project and client support services!

Try our on-line live chat service now or contact us today for an immediate consultation regarding subscription to this superb phone and internet service.  HR ProTalk, The Right Answer, Right Away, 24 Hours A Day®!  


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