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Start Up/ Small Business
Let us handle your people issues!
Starting up? Too small to need an internal staff to handle people issues? Administrative staff wearing too many hats?  Concerned with federal, state and local safety compliance? Check out our Outsource Safety Professional - Small Business Solution! Worried that you may have exposure regarding human resource management areas?  HR Consult will provide you with affordable solutions to all your human resource needs in support of your business objectives! No need to burden your staff with additional HR responsibilities that may take time away from growing your business.  We work with you to develop, implement and manage polices, practices,  procedures and administrative procedures/systems unique to your firm in those "people" areas you need!  Our HR Advantage SM, HR Pro-TalkSM and My HR ProSM programs can provide what you need, when you need it!
Unlike other consulting firms, we  ensure our effectiveness by remaining with you after implementation.  We don't "walk away".  Contact us today for a free consultation regarding how HR Consult can provide complete support in:
Small Business HR Management Support  

Resume and Application Screening
Employment Interviews
Affirmative Action Plans
Employment and Education Verifications
Pre-Employment Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Background and Reference Checks
Orientation of New Employees
Progressive Disciplinary Procedures
Exit Interview Services
Outplacement Services

Job Evaluation & Analysis
Job Description Development (Measurable/Quantitative)
Job Description Revisions
Compensation Analysis and Review
Wage and Salary Administration And Surveys
Performance Appraisals
Productivity Improvement Programs
Incentive Pay Plans

Employee Communication Programs
Corporate Contribution Programs
Employee Recreational and Social Programs
Community Relations Programs
Attitude and Opinion surveys
Suggestion Systems

Policy and Procedure Development
Employee Manuals and Handbooks
Human Resource Manpower Planning
EEO New Hire Reporting and Compliance
Payroll Maintenance
Worker's Compensation Administration
Compliance Administration and Reporting
HR Record Keeping
HRIS Management and Assistance

Safety and OSHA Compliance Programs
Unemployment Cost Control
Ombudsman Programs
Return to Work Management
Tax Credit Audits and Credit Retention
Worker's Compensation Cost Control Administration
Unemployment Cost Control
Complaint Investigation and Grievance Procedures
Arbitration and Mediation Services

Open Enrollment Process
Benefits Administration Review and Recommendations
Paid Time Off/Vacation/Leave Administration and Control
Retirement and Profit Sharing Plan Administration
Benefit Billing Audits
Benefits Cost Analysis
Cafeteria Plan Administration
Health and Wellness programs
Employee Assistance Programs
Flexible Spending Accounts
FMLA Administration
HIPAA Administration
COBRA Administration
FLSA Administration

OSP Small Business Solution - As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The Outsource Safety Professional - Small Business Solution is designed for the small business wanting quality professional assistance with safety and environmental issues without adding staff.  

This innovative solution gives the small business owner a realistic assessment of the current state of safety and environmental issues, an action plan addressing any unacceptable risk or non-compliance concerns facing the business, and 24/7 access to experienced safety and environmental professionals for guidance and expert advice when needed.

Here is how it works:

Step 1:  We will visit your facility and critically review your key safety and environmental business issues.  During this review, we will look at the following:

 Management and Administration

Management Commitment and Accountability
Administrative Procedures
Required written OSHA Programs
Required OSHA Recordkeeping
Workers' Compensation Review
Employee Injuries
Accident Investigation
Insurance Rates/Experience Modification

Work Practices and Facilities
Employee Work Practices
Facility/Work Area Review

Step 2:  Following our review, we will determine if your business is at risk for potential losses resulting from employee injuries or illnesses, regulatory enforcement actions or third party lawsuits.   We then prioritize those risks and prepare a written Action Plan to help you address them, in the order that is most urgent and practical for your company.

Step 3:  We will help when you need us.  The program includes 8 hours of on-going professional consultation.  These hours may be used to develop written programs, perform on-site training or for telephone consultation when you need assistance from our industry experts.

The OSP - Small Business Solution:  Providing high quality safety and environmental expertise at a fraction of the cost!  

Protecting your business from potential losses is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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