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Training & OD
Developing and maintaining a successful business organization is accomplished through trained, competent and confident people, doing what they are best at.  Effective training and assessment is an investment in continued growth, provided it results in measurable returns on investment through correct skill application within your organizational structure.  HR Consult  has the experience and expertise to assist you in identifying critical skills needed by each associate within your organization, develop programs to teach those skill sets and  measure the results.  We believe that training without measurement of effectiveness is a waste of valuable time and money. That's why our training programs always have follow-up sessions (most more than one) emphasize self study and include written testing to measure results.  We customize line management training and HR management training to meet your needs, believing that, in most cases, "one size" does not fit all.  HR Consult's staff educators are specialists in each area they teach, have hands-on, real world experience in applying what they teach and are dynamic, personable instructors.

Planning and developing your organization's structure is also critical to growth.  HR Consult can assist in determining the most effective organizational structure for maximizing profit and assist in planning for continued organizational development.  More importantly, HR Consult has the experience to assist you in applying your human capital assets within your organization structure  to maximize that structure's effectiveness.  We're experienced with firms in all phases of the business life cycle, from startup to maturity.  Let us assist you today!  

 Training Program Development
 Organizational Development
Linking Training to Organizational Goals, Objectives, and Strategies
Human Capital Development and Organizational Application
Funding the Training Function
Cost/Benefit Analysis of Training
Training Needs Analysis Processes
Assessing Training Needs
Trainer Selection
Design Considerations and Learning Objectives
Types of Training Programs
Instructional Methods and Processes
Training Facilities Planning
Training Materials
Sources and Criteria for Evaluation of Training

Organizational Structures
Organizational Development Cycles
Diagnosis and Intervention Strategies:
Team Building
Goal Setting
Survey Feedback
Strategic Planning
Sensitivity Training (T-Groups)
Grid Training
Organizational Culture within Organizational Development
International Culture and Organizational Development
Organizational Development in Response to Technological Change
Management and Human ResourcesTraining

Leadership Training
Motivation Theories and Application
Participative Management Development
EEO/AAP Employment Practices
FMLA & ADA Management
Effective Recruiting & Employment Practices
Effective Retention Tactics
Interviewing and Selection Skills
Do's and Don't of Employee/Labor Relations
Effective Compensation Program Application
Managing Across Generations
Diversity Management
Avoiding Lawsuits and Handling Litigious Employees
Will They Go Postal? - Termination and You
Employer  vs. Employee - Workplace Rights
Avoiding Harassment and Hostile Workplace Charges

 Human Resources

Cost Effective Recruiting & Employment Practices
Implementing and Managing an Effective Associate Relations
Implementing and Managing Benefits Programs
Developing Effective People Policies and Procedures
Controlling Workers Compensation Costs
FMLA, ADA and Workers Comp Coordination
Leave Of Absence Policies - Do's and Don'ts
Implementing Paid and Unpaid Time Off Programs
Implementing Safety/Health Programs
HR Management Information System Selection
HR Strategic Planning
 Human Resource Surveys and Assessments

Pre-Employment Assessments
Selection Assessment
Coaching, Training, Promotion and Management Assessment
Pre-employment Screening Tools
Key Personality Factors Assessment
360 Degree Assessment
Skills Building
Sales Force Assessment
Team Assessment
Customer Service Behavorial Assessment
Call Center Behavorial Assessment
Career Assessment


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